Australia’s oldest house on the market is for sale

Australia’s oldest house on the market is for sale

The Adelaide house that sits on the banks of the Yarra River has been on the auction block for about a year.

The house has been listed on eBay, but the property was listed by the owner, John, in March.

The seller is offering a £3 million (AU$5.8 million) asking price.

The property is on the corner of North and Elbow streets in the heart of the city.

It has been owned by John and his wife, Susan, for a number of years.

The house is listed for sale by the buyer on the online auction site eBay.

A photograph of the property.

John says he bought the house in 2010.

It is one of a handful of Victorian homes on the block that have been on display in the local art gallery for more than a decade.

The owners of the house have said they have never wanted it to be sold.

“It is a lovely house.

It is one that we have owned for almost 40 years,” the couple said in a statement.”

This house has always been a part of our family, and is an integral part of the family.”

They also say the house was “a great asset” for their family, given the challenges the family faced in the past.

“We are very pleased to have this property on the property list,” the statement said.

“The house itself is a stunning Victorian Victorian structure, and we would not have had the opportunity to own this property without the generosity of the Australian community.”

The house’s owner, a Victorian architect, says he is “pleased” with the sale.

“I am delighted with the outcome,” he said.

John and Susan, who own the property, were first drawn to the Yarran Peninsula by the prospect of a long weekend in Sydney.

“When we got to Adelaide we went straight to the ABC and said, ‘Hey, we want to go and see what’s happening there’,” Mr O’Connor said.

Mr O’Brien, who is a Victorian-born Australian, has lived in Australia for over 20 years and has a Masters degree in architecture from the University of Melbourne.

He and his partner, who has a Bachelor’s degree in construction, bought the property from a previous owner in 2010, about 10 years after the Adelaide house.

The couple says they wanted to keep the property open for residents of the nearby town of Taranaki.

“Taranaki was a little more of a shock to me because it was on the other side of the country,” Mr O.

Brien said.

“It was a pretty difficult time in Taranakis history.”

Mr O.B. says the house has had a “massive” impact on the area.

“You can walk down the street, you can see houses, you have a little garden, and it’s just incredible,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“There’s a huge amount of history, it’s a really interesting part of town, it just brings us back and brings us out of it.”

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