Why is there so much construction work in Tucson?

Why is there so much construction work in Tucson?

By JENNIFER LEIGHTZ – 3 December 2015A new construction boom has sprung up around the state of Arizona, with many new construction projects taking shape over the last year.

With a population of more than 4 million, Arizona is now the state with the largest population growth in the United States in the last decade.

This growth has led to a large number of construction projects being completed in the state, as well as a large influx of workers from other parts of the country.

The number of new construction jobs in the Phoenix area has increased by nearly 80 percent since the beginning of this year, with the average increase for the last two years in the city of Phoenix being more than 3 percent.

However, the boom is not only happening in the area around Tucson.

There have also been several major developments taking place across the state.

A new residential complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, was officially opened to the public last week, with plans to create 1,200 apartments and office space.

More than 200 new homes have been built in the central valley, with a total of 2,400 units to be built.

The state of California is also expanding the number of rental units in the region, with nearly 1,000 apartments expected to be ready by the end of 2017.

And it seems the state has become one of the largest growth areas in the country for people who want to build a home, with more than 100,000 new homes being built in California in 2016 alone.

The growth of housing in Arizona has also been met with some concern, with one group having called for more housing in the Arizona desert.

The National Association of Home Builders has said it believes that the state’s housing market is underdeveloped.

The group also said that some developers have shown a preference for apartments, and that developers who were not keen on new developments in their area were now choosing to build homes.

“A lot of developers who had been building apartments in the desert have moved to the desert,” said Richard Sorensen, president of the National Association.

“They want the land, and they want to be able to build something that’s going to appeal to a larger percentage of the population.”

Some people who are interested in moving to the Arizona area for work are finding it hard to find homes, with some areas having higher rents and rents in general being higher than in other states.

In the Arizona Valley, rents have increased by almost 7 percent since 2012, according to a recent report by the National Alliance.

“The housing crisis is here and we are seeing it across the country, and we need to address it,” said Robert Wertheim, president and CEO of the Arizona Development Association, which represents some of the state`s largest developers.

Wertheim also warned that there are some areas that have been hit particularly hard, and said that they need to look at some of their investments to be more resilient.

“If we don’t look at these issues, we are going to be in a really tough spot down the road,” he said.



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